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Pet sitting notes

Posted on September 1, 2014 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (2836)

I've gotten two new clients in the last few weeks who look to become regulars. One has four cute little dogs, and the other has a small farm. I've had contacts with a couple of other possibilities, too. 

The little dogs were very sweet. The owner was concerned about leaving two of them, as they had not been socialized as puppies and had never been exposed to any people other than their owners. We did a few training sessions with them, to get them used to us. It went well and we got along great with all four dogs while Mama was gone. It was a five-day pet sit , 3x a day. At first I was giving them multiple treats each visit, but by the end I was giving them one treat each and they still seemed very happy to see me. ;)

The first pet sit for the new small farm client went well too. The dogs were particularly sweet and seemed to like me a lot. I especially enjoyed the rabbit and the miniature donkey. 

Took care of a pet sit and a pool this morning, then came home for a rest. Planning on a swim but haven't done it yet. Did test my pool, though. :)

I've been working on befriending a somewhat temperamental bird (who bit me on my last pet sit!) I learned he likes to have his feet stroked. It really does seem to calm him. He kept trying to bite me while I was getting his food and water, but I manged to stay out of the way of that beak! He usually squawks a lot, but this morning he was fairly quiet. I think his owner taught him to say, "Hi Julie"!

I've been working on getting better acquainted with the mini horses owned by my very first client. I started going into their pen to feed them their oats, instead of dumping the oats into the bins from outside. Most of them tolerate a pat, but they're still a little shy around me.